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Cheapest Second hand & Recon BMW X Series Catalytic Converters

BM Engine Works offers recon and used BMW X Series catalytic converters at very cheap prices. We not only offer professional replacement and fitting services at our state of the art garage but also supply services for the garages and sellers are available through our nationwide delivery. So of you are looking to replace catalytic converter for your BMW X Series, enter your BMW’s reg above to view replacement costs.

Faulty Catalytic Converter Problems

Almost all BMW petrol Engines now have a catalytic converter to eliminate the dangerous NOx emissions. These converters catch the gases produced from the burning of petrol and after a strong chemical reaction convert them into water and less dangerous carbon dioxide. However, with the passage of time, converters become clogged. They also clogged when used in unfavourable conditions or during the ECU remapping process. A catalytic converter significantly lessens the quantity of injurious contaminants by taking these gases and transforming them into water vapours and less injurious gases through chemical reactions. All BMW BMW X Series petrol cars produced after 1992, have a catalytic converter offered to diminish the exhaust gasses. Damaged catalytic converters can certainly decrease the engine performance. BM Engine Works offers catalytic converters at highly competitive prices across the UK, however, you can save much in terms of money and time if you bring your vehicle at our garage. Our engine experts will fit your catalytic converters and after fitting will test for utmost performance

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