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BMW Mini Engines

Engine code Year Engine size Chassis Fuel KW HP Cylinders Valves
B38A12A Mini Engine 2014-2016 1.2 F56 Petrol 55 75 3 12
N12B14A Mini Engine 2009-2010 1.4 R55 Petrol 55 70 4 16
N18B16A Mini Engine 2010-2014 1.6 R55 Petrol 90 160 4 16
N47C16A Mini Engine 2010-2016 1.6 R55 Diesel 66 82 4 16
N12B16A Mini Engine 2007-2012 1.6 R55 Petrol 85 90 4 16
N14B16C Mini Engine 2008-2010 1.6 R55 Petrol 141 160 4 16
N16B16A Mini Engine 2010-2012 1.6 R55 Petrol 55 90 4 16
N18B16B Mini Engine 2012-2014 1.6 R56 Petrol 160 0 4 16
N18B16C Mini Engine 2008-2010 1.6 R55 Petrol 155 160 4 16
N14B16A Mini Engine 2007-2010 1.6 R55 Petrol 120 141 4 16
B46A20A Mini Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F56 Petrol 120 155 4 16
N47C20A Mini Engine 2011-2016 2.0 R55 Diesel 82 105 4 16

MINI Engines Rebuild Specialists, Supply & Fit Service Available

MINI Engine BM Engine Works has a quality MINI Engine for sale that is ready to be shipped and fitted right now. Fill in your MINI information to get the best match in our inventory now, and then view the pricing and inventory levels. In general, many engine manufacturers claim to have the engine on hand, but after you place your order, they begin looking for scrapyards and scrap suppliers they can find, resulting in consumers obtaining a substandard engine that may operate for a few months, but leaves you in worse shape than before.

At BM Engine Works, we prioritise our clients above all other considerations, which is why we don't just say we do but demonstrate it by supplying you with a high-quality engine right away. You may either pick a motor from our store or have one shipped to you, depending on which one you think is the most appropriate and cheap for you. Our BMW Engines are backed by our standard guarantee, providing you with further peace of mind. and all engines have undergone efficiency and performance tests in line with the manufacturer's requirements.

MINI Recon Engines available in market

Reconditioned engines, also known as rebuilt and remanufactured engines, are engines that have previously been used in any vehicle but have been restored to their original state by various remanufacturing, reengineering, and remanufacturing processes. Reconditioned engines are equipped with the majority of new parts and may perform in the same manner as new engines. If you need to replace a MINI engine, a reconditioned unit is the most cost-effective option.

Second hand MINI engines for sale

A second-hand or used engine is one that was previously installed in a vehicle but is currently being sourced to be sold as a separate component. Accident-related or insurance-abandoned automobiles are the most common sources of used engines. These are vehicles that have been taken off the road but still have strong engines that can provide some power and a nice mile.

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