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BMW 1 Series Engines

Engine code Year Engine size Chassis Fuel KW HP Cylinders Valves
B48A20B Engine 2020-2022 0.0 Petrol 141 195 4 16
B37C15A Engine 2019-2022 0.0 Diesel 70 85 3 12
B38A15A Engine 2020-2022 0.0 Petrol 75 103 3 12
B48A20A Engine 2020-2022 0.0 Petrol 120 170 4 16
B38B15A Engine 2015-2016 1.5 F20 Petrol 80 100 3 12
B37D15A Engine 2015-2016 1.5 F20 Diesel 70 85 3 12
N13B16A Engine 2010-2016 1.6 F20 Petrol 75 130 4 16
N47D16A Engine 2012-2016 1.6 F20 Diesel 70 85 4 16
N20B20A Engine 2011-2016 2.0 F20 Petrol 110 205 4 16
B47D20B Engine 2011-2016 2.0 F20 Diesel 85 170 4 16
N47D20D Engine 2007-2012 2.0 E81 Diesel 150 160 4 16
N47D20C Engine 2006-2012 2.0 E81 Diesel 66 150 4 16
B47D20A Engine 2010-2016 2.0 F20 Diesel 85 155 4 16
N43B20A Engine 2006-2012 2.0 E81 Petrol 90 125 4 16
N47D20B Engine 2007-2012 2.0 E81 Diesel 150 0 4 16
N47D20A Engine 2006-2012 2.0 E81 Diesel 66 145 4 16
N52B30B Engine 2006-2012 3.0 E81 Petrol 160 200 6 24
N52B30AF Engine 2005-2012 3.0 E87 Petrol 179 200 6 24
N54B30A Engine 2011-2012 3.0 E82 Petrol 200 264 6 24
N52B30A Engine 2006-2012 3.0 E81 Petrol 155 200 6 24
N55B30A Engine 2007-2014 3.0 E82 Petrol 200 272 6 24
N52B30BF Engine 2006-2012 3.0 E81 Petrol 160 200 6 24

Elevate Your Drive with BM Engine Works's Engine Excellence

Are you searching for the pinnacle of efficiency, reliability, and excellence in an engine for your cherished BMW 1 Series? At BM Engine Works, we understand your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation—it's a statement, a love affair, a prized possession. The heart of your vehicle deserves the best, and with our range of BMW 1 Series Used and Reconditioned Engines, we aim to deliver just that.

Our team of BMW 1 Series Used and Reconditioned engine specialists are here to ensure you receive an engine that not only matches but enhances your BMW's performance. With years of expertise in the field, we provide you with options tailored to your specific requirements and budgets.

Combining value with performance, we present you with replacement BMW 1 Series engines that stand as a testament to the beauty of German engineering and our commitment to excellence.

Comprehensive Inventory (Used & Reconditioned)

At BM Engine Works, our inventory is brimming with options that suit every BMW enthusiast's needs. Whether you're looking for a powerful M performance variant or a fuel-efficient diesel model, our collection ensures you'll find the perfect match. Our extensive range of used and reconditioned BMW 1 Series engines undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to guarantee optimum performance.

Every engine we offer represents our ethos of delivering excellence, making us the preferred choice for many BMW owners. When you choose BM Engine Works, you're not merely buying an engine; you're investing in our promise of quality and longevity.

Specialized Services

Specialization is our forte. As BMW 1 Series Used and Reconditioned engine specialists, our trained technicians possess intricate knowledge about every variant of the BMW 1 Series engine. This expertise allows us to cater to your specific needs, ensuring your vehicle gets the attention it truly deserves.

We also provide a comprehensive fitting service, ensuring that the replacement engine integrates seamlessly with your BMW. Additionally, our engine repair service aims to restore and revitalize, giving your BMW that fresh-from-the-factory feel once more.

Cost-effective Solutions

With the belief that quality shouldn't break the bank, we provide top-notch BMW 1 Series engines at unbeatable prices. Our competitive pricing strategy, coupled with our up to 40% off on online queries, ensures you get the best bang for your buck without compromising on performance or reliability.

Not only that but if you decide to take the engine elsewhere for fitting or other services, we are happy to deliver it to your desired address. It's our commitment to convenience, combined with affordability.

Assurance of Quality

Every engine we offer is a testament to our rigorous quality standards. We ensure that every used and reconditioned engine goes through a meticulous evaluation process, ensuring that it adheres to BMW's excellence. By doing so, we give you the confidence to hit the road with an engine that's been tested for endurance and reliability.

Rest easy knowing your BMW 1 Series is powered by an engine that's gone through our stringent quality checks. It's our assurance to you—quality, performance, and reliability in one package.

Rebuild Engine Excellence

Rebuilding an engine is an art, and at BM Engine Works, we've mastered it. Our rebuild engine service is crafted for those who want to rejuvenate their BMW 1 Series with an engine that feels brand new. Our specialists meticulously restore every component, ensuring your BMW 1 Series runs smoother and lasts longer.

Our passion for engines is evident in the level of detail we pour into each rebuild. From precision balancing to comprehensive testing, your BMW is in the hands of craftsmen who treat it as their own.

Swift and Secure Delivery

We understand the urgency that comes with needing an engine replacement. Therefore, we've streamlined our delivery processes to ensure your BMW 1 Series engine reaches you promptly. Whether you're across the city or miles away, our delivery network ensures your engine arrives safely and swiftly.

And remember, if you choose to repair or fit the engine elsewhere, we have your back. We will deliver the engine to the address of your choice, ensuring you experience the least amount of downtime.

Expert Consultation

For those who are unsure about the best engine option for their BMW 1 Series, our team of experts is always on standby to provide advice and recommendations. Drawing from our vast experience, we help guide you to an engine that perfectly aligns with your driving needs and budget.

Our commitment is to ensure every BMW owner gets the performance they deserve, and our consultation services stand as a testament to that promise.

Transparent Practices

At BM Engine Works, we believe in complete transparency. From detailing the specifics of the used or reconditioned engine you're interested into providing clear cost breakdowns, our goal is to ensure you make an informed decision. Trust is the cornerstone of our business, and we continually strive to foster it with every interaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

You, our esteemed customer, are at the heart of everything we do. Our processes, services, and offers are designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind. From our prompt delivery service to the specialized engine repair and fitting services, our objective is to exceed your expectations.

Your trust is our most valued asset, and our team works tirelessly to ensure your experience with BM Engine Works is nothing short of exceptional.

Book Now and Embark on a Journey of Excellence!

It's time to reignite your love for the road. Let your BMW 1 Series roar to life with an engine that embodies the spirit of German engineering. And with our limited-time offers and discounts, there's never been a better time to upgrade. Dive into a world of unparalleled excellence and performance. Book now and let BM Engine Works revitalize your driving experience!

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