BMW 116d engines for sale, reconditioned and used BMW 1 Series engines
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BMW 116d Engines

Engine code Year Fuel Chassis Engine size Horse Power Body Type KW
B37 D15 A 116d engines 2010-2015 Diesel F20 1.5 116 Hatchback 85
N47 D16 A 116d engines 2010-2015 Diesel F20 1.6 116 Hatchback 85
N47 D20 A 116d engines 2004-2012 Diesel E81 2.0 116 Hatchback 85

Replacement BMW 116d engines

Improper working of the engine of your 116d cause big damage to your car. If the engine of your BMW 116d is not working properly, replace it with Used or Reconditioned one. All the BMW diesel engines sold by us are carefully checked before supplying or fitting and we give warranty as well.

Reconditioned and low mileage Used BMW 116d engine at BM Engine Works

BM Engine Works is the UK’s top shop for buying low priced Used or Reconditioned engine. All you have to do is to enter the details of your BMW 116d and search our stock to find the reliable and cheapest Used or Reconditioned engine. You will not be disappointed with the quality and power of the engine at BM Engine Works. We have largest stock in UK which is regularly updated so that you can get your engine without any hurdle.

BMW 1 Series Engines

The BMW 1 Series is a small family car made by the German automobile producing brand, BMW since 2004. Available in 3-door hatchback (model code E81), 5-door hatchback (E87), coupe (E82) and 2-door convertible (E88) body styles, the 1 Series features a rear-wheel drive chassis. There are two generations in which BMW 1 series is unveiled i.e. First Generation (E81/E82/E87/E88; 2004–2013) and the Second Generation (F20/F21; 2011–present). The BMW 1 series is now in its second generation, which has pretty rounded design to the original 2004. An engaging drive, high quality interior build up and variety of BMW 1 Series petrol and diesel engines which goes from utmost fuel efficient to ultimate speedy; all things are inside the BMW 1 series. It’s little bit roomy but less roomy than some of its rivals like Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

Warranty for Reconditioned and Used BMW 116d engine

Overall, standard warranty that Used or Reconditioned BMW 116d engine holds is 6 months up to 12 months relying upon the type and budget of the engine you are purchasing. But the period of warranty increases in case of Reconditioned engine because they are more superior product than Used ones.

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