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BMW usually faces the cracked exhaust manifolds through the years. The manifolds are made of cast iron or cast alloy steels. These alloys are heavy and durable but over the years, these materials are subjected to cracks. It's not easy to get a replacement BMW exhaust manifold. A cracked exhaust manifold introduces a heavy exhaust gases leak into the system and makes the engine noisy. It can cause your engine running roughly and erratically. It is the time to replace your exhaust manifold with a new, used or reconditioned BMW & MINI exhaust manifold. BM Engine Works offer all kind of reconditioned and used exhaust manifolds at very affordable prices. We source these manifolds from our worldwide manufacturers and breaker yards and from those cars who are taken off the road due to any legal issues like taxation or permanently SORN. A countrywide delivery service is available at very affordable price.

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