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BMW 2 Series Engines

Engine code Year Engine size Chassis Fuel KW HP Cylinders Valves
S55B30A Engine 2018-2022 0.0 Petrol 272 368 6 24
B47D20B Engine 2015-2022 0.0 Diesel 85 170 4 16
B38B15A Engine 2015-2016 1.5 F22 Petrol 80 100 3 12
B37C15A Engine 2014-2016 1.5 F45 Diesel 70 85 3 12
B38A15A Engine 2014-2016 1.5 F45 Petrol 75 103 3 12
B48A20A Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F45 Petrol 120 170 4 16
B48A20B Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F45 Petrol 141 195 4 16
B47D20A Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F22 Diesel 85 155 4 16
N47D20C Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F22 Diesel 66 150 4 16
B47C20A Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F45 Diesel 100 140 4 16
N47D20D Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F22 Diesel 150 160 4 16
N20B20A Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F22 Petrol 110 205 4 16
N26B20A Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F22 Petrol 179 180 4 16
N20B20B Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F22 Petrol 120 135 4 16
N55B30A Engine 2013-2016 3.0 F22 Petrol 200 272 6 24

High-Quality BMW 2 Series Engines for Sale

At BM Engine Works, we redefine your BMW 2 Series driving experience with our unparalleled selection of used and reconditioned engines. Elevate your vehicle's performance confidently, choosing from a range that undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure top-notch reliability. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; it promises to deliver cost-effective solutions, advanced diagnostics, and fitting services, providing a comprehensive experience for BMW 2 Series enthusiasts.

Explore our extensive selection of BMW 2 Series engines for exceptional costs. Our platform prioritises quality, providing engines that meet or exceed industry standards. Save substantially without compromising on reliability, and benefit from advanced diagnostics, seamless fitting, and exclusive online discounts of up to 40%.

Your BMW 2 Series deserves the best, and we're here to deliver unmatched value, convenience, and expertise in every aspect of your engine purchase and replacement journey.

Engine Issues Associated with BMW 2 Series

  • Timing Chain Issues: This problem affected pre-2015 N20 and N26 engines. The timing chain can stretch or break, leading to serious engine damage.
  • Oil leaks: Oil leaks, particularly around the valve cover, oil pan gasket, and turbocharger (if equipped), are relatively common across all 2 Series engine options.
  • High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Issues: Some early models have reported HPFP issues, leading to engine stalling, rough idle, and difficulty starting.
  • Turbocharger Issues: The 2 Series comes with a variety of turbocharged engines, and some of them have been known to have turbocharger problems. These problems can range from boost leaks to complete turbo failure.
  • VANOS Solenoid Failures: VANOS is a variable valve timing system that can experience solenoid failures, causing rough idle, reduced power, and engine warning lights.

Diverse Range of BMW 2 Series Engines

Our extensive inventory features a diverse range of BMW 2 Series engines, meticulously inspected and tested to guarantee their functionality and durability. We are committed to excellence and provide engines that meet the highest industry requirements. You can confidently choose from our selection, knowing that each engine has undergone rigorous quality checks to ensure peak performance for your BMW 2 Series.

Buy BMW 2 Series Engines with Confidence

When you choose our service, you're not just buying an engine but investing in peace of mind. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer warranties to reinforce your confidence in our BMW 2 Series engines. Our customer-centric approach ensures you receive the support and assurance you need, making the engine purchasing process hassle-free and satisfying.

Used And Reconditioned BMW 2 Series Engines

Our inventory includes a wide selection of BMW 2 Series used and reconditioned engines, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you prefer a cost-effective used engine or a meticulously reconditioned one, we have the right solution. Our reconditioned engines undergo a thorough reconditioning process, including replacing worn-out parts and testing to ensure they operate to their full potential.

Replacement 2 Series BMW Engines

Need a replacement engine for your BMW 2 Series? Look no further. Our replacement engines are carefully sourced and thoroughly tested to guarantee compatibility and reliability. Whether you have a coupe, convertible, or gran coupe model, we have the right engine to get your vehicle back on the road with optimal performance.

Advanced Engine Diagnostics and Fitting Service

We provide modern engine diagnostics and fitting services to enhance your experience. Our trained technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic instruments to identify and address engine issues effectively. Additionally, our fitting service ensures that your chosen BMW 2 Series engine is installed precisely, optimising its performance and longevity.

Up to 40% Online Discount

Take advantage of our exclusive online discounts, providing unbeatable value for your BMW 2 Series engine purchase. Enjoy up to 40% savings when you buy online, making our platform the preferred choice for budget-conscious customers seeking top-tier engines without compromising on quality. 

Delivery to Your Specific Garage Address

Experience unparalleled convenience with our engine delivery service. We deliver your selected engine directly to your specified garage address, saving you time and effort. Our streamlined delivery process ensures that your engine arrives promptly, allowing you to proceed with the installation without delays.

Vehicle Recovery Service Available

In the event of a breakdown, our vehicle recovery service has you covered. We understand the inconvenience of unexpected engine issues, and our prompt and reliable recovery service ensures that your BMW 2 Series is safely transported to the desired location for further inspection and repairs.

Why Choose BM Engine Works

  • Quality Assurance: Our BMW 2 Series engines undergo rigorous testing, ensuring top-tier quality and peak performance for your vehicle.
  • Customer Confidence: Purchase with peace of mind – our engines come with warranties, providing unmatched assurance and customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Opt for our used or reconditioned engines for substantial savings without compromising the BMW 2 Series performance.
  • Seamless Integration: Our replacement engines are meticulously selected for compatibility, ensuring a seamless fit and enhanced overall performance.
  • Free Technical Advice: Take advantage of our knowledgeable team's expertise, providing free technical advice to address engine-related queries or concerns.

Reach Out Now!

Ready to transform your BMW 2 Series driving experience? Contact BM Engine Works for unparalleled engine solutions. Our experts are eager to assist you with inquiries, purchases and any assistance you need. Elevate your BMW experience – reach out now!

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