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BMW 4 Series Engines

Engine code Year Engine size Chassis Fuel KW HP Cylinders Valves
B38B15A 1 Series Engine 2016-2022 0.0 Petrol 80 100 3 12
B47D20B 1 Series Engine 2016-2017 0.0 Diesel 85 170 4 16
B47D20A 1 Series Engine 2015-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Diesel 85 155 4 16
N47D20C 1 Series Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Diesel 66 150 4 16
N20B20A 1 Series Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Petrol 110 205 4 16
N47D20D 1 Series Engine 2014-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Diesel 150 160 4 16
N20B20B 2 Series Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Petrol 120 135 4 16
N26B20A 2 Series Engine 2013-2016 2.0 F32, F82 Petrol 179 180 4 16
N55B30A 1 Series Engine 2013-2016 3.0 F32, F82 Petrol 200 272 6 24
N57D30A 3 Series Engine 2013-2016 3.0 F32, F82 Diesel 150 210 6 24
S55B30A 3 Series Engine 2014-2016 3.0 F32, F82 Petrol 272 368 6 24
N57D30B 3 Series Engine 2013-2016 3.0 F32, F82 Diesel 220 230 6 24

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