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BMW 328i Engines

Engine code Year Fuel Chassis Engine size Horse Power Body Type KW
N20 B20 A 328i engines 2011-2015 Petrol F31 2.0 245 Estate 180
2013-2015 Petrol F34 2.0 245 Hatchback 180
2011-2015 Petrol F30, F35, F80 2.0 245 Saloon 180
N52N B30 A 328i engines 2005-2011 Petrol E90 3.0 254 Saloon 187

Buying a BMW 328i Engine Couldn't Be Any Easier

328i Engine

Looking for a high quality and low priced engine for BMW 328i is a stress-full task for a busy person with less familiarity of the market, but BM Engine Works offers the best way out for this issue. We have all kind of BMW 328i engines in stock, and our catalogue for these engines is frequently updated with replacement units, so, in order to get the best deals simply contact us. If you are looking for a replacement BMW 328i engine, all you need to do is, simply enter your BMW's REG number and we will do the rest, in order to search the stock of all the engines for a best match and then will give you highly competitive prices on reconditioned and used BMW 328i engines.

Save Up to 40% on BMW 328i Engine Fitting

Our services will save you lot of money and time. BM Engine Works offer supply and fitting services at highly competitive prices. You will save your money and your vehicle will get overhauled by skilled and qualified engine experts. If you previously engaged with a garage anywhere in the UK, no problem, we can deliver your desired engine at your requested place. Our delivery services have negligible costs, you can say, very close to the FREE. Get your BMW 328i engine today and enjoy the lowest available rates in the UK

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