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BMW 3 Series Engines

Engine code Year Engine size Chassis Fuel KW HP Cylinders Valves
M57D30(306D3) Engine 2006-2011 3.0 E90 Diesel 135 173 6 24
N57D30A Engine 2010-2011 3.0 E90 Diesel 150 210 6 24

Used and Reconditioned BMW 325d Engines Specialists

At BM Engine Works, we understand the heart of your driving experience lies within the engine of your BMW 3 Series 325d. Whether you're in search of a used or reconditioned engine or seeking a robust and reliable replacement engine, we are your trusted destination for all things BMW 3 Series 325d. Our commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability ensures that your BMW 3 Series 325d maintains its legendary precision and power.

When you choose BM Engine Works, you're choosing more than just a source for BMW 325d used and reconditioned engines. You're selecting a team of experts who are passionate about enhancing your driving experience and providing top-notch, used and reconditioned engines

Join us on a journey where precision engineering meets eco-conscious solutions, and where your BMW 3 Series 325d gets the engine it deserves. Let's explore the world of superior BMW 3 Series 325d used and reconditioned engines together, ensuring your vehicle operates at its best, mile after mile.

Buy BMW 325d Engines

When you're seeking to buy used and reconditioned BMW 325d engines, you want a reliable source that offers outstanding value for your money. We are your trusted partner for acquiring premium, performance-tested BMW 3 Series 325d engines that meet your specific requirements.

Used and Reconditioned BMW 325d Engines

When you're searching for a used or reconditioned BMW 325d engine, you'll find an impressive selection in our inventory. Let's explore the advantages of opting for either option:

Used BMW 325d Engines

Used engines, while they have been previously installed in a vehicle, can offer excellent value for budget-conscious buyers. They provide a cost-effective solution for engine replacement, and when sourced from a reliable supplier, they can be a dependable choice. Our used BMW 3 Series 325d engines go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that they are in good working condition. You can trust in their reliability and performance.

Reconditioned BMW 325d Engines

Reconditioned engines take the concept of used engines to the next level. They are carefully inspected, disassembled, and reconditioned to meet or even exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. Our skilled technicians go the extra mile to replace worn components, ensuring that the engine performs like new. Choosing a reconditioned BMW 325d engine gives you the peace of mind that you're getting a reliable, high-performance engine that's ready to power your vehicle for years to come.

Replacement BMW 325d Engines

Replacing an engine can be a daunting task, but our skilled team ensures the process is seamless. From sourcing the perfect engine for your BMW to ensuring its flawless installation, we manage it all. Our replacement BMW 325d engines service is backed by years of experience, making us the ideal choice for your vehicle.

Steps in Our Replacement Process

  • Consultation: Understand your requirements and provide options.
  • Engine Selection: Choose from our vast collection of used or reconditioned engines.
  • Installation: Our expert technicians handle the installation, ensuring your BMW runs perfectly.
  • Post-installation Check: Post-replacement, we conduct a thorough check to ensure everything is in order.

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Experience unparalleled savings with our limited-time online offer! We're thrilled to present an exceptional up to 40% online discount on used and reconditioned BMW 325d Engines. Whether you're a returning customer or just discovering our range, now is the perfect opportunity to avail yourself of this unbeatable reduction. Dive into our offerings and secure up to 40% off while it lasts. Don't miss out on this incredible deal; your wallet will thank you!

Seamless Delivery to Your Given Address

Experience hassle-free shopping with us. Once you've selected your preferred BMW 3 Series 325d engine, we ensure prompt and secure delivery right to your doorstep. No more pickups or waiting periods; just order, sit back, and await your engine's arrival at your given address.

Why Buy BMW 325d Engines from Us?

Navigating the world of engine replacements can be daunting. As used and reconditioned BMW 325d engines specialists, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that every engine we offer meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Moreover, our dedicated team is passionate about BMW engines, guiding you at each step to ensure a seamless replacement process. With a blend of quality, expertise, and genuine care for your vehicle, we stand unrivalled in the industry.

Contact Us At BM Engine Works

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, request a quote, or get expert advice on choosing the perfect engine for your BMW 3 Series 325d. We're passionate about keeping BMW enthusiasts on the road with high-quality engines that offer both performance and reliability. Choose BM Engine Works for all your BMW 3 Series 325d engine needs, and experience the difference that quality and expertise can make in your driving experience.


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