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BMW 6 Series Engines

Engine code Engine size Fuel Chassis KW Cylinders HP Values
M57D30(306D5) 6 Series Engine 3.0 Diesel E63 210 6 286 24
N57D30B 6 Series Engine 3.0 Diesel F12 220 6 299 24
N52B30A 6 Series Engine 3.0 Petrol E63 160 6 218 24
N52B30B 6 Series Engine 3.0 Petrol E64 190 6 258 24
N52B30BF 6 Series Engine 3.0 Petrol E63 179 6 243 24
N55B30A 6 Series Engine 3.0 Petrol F12 200 6 272 24
N62B44A 6 Series Engine 4.4 Petrol E63 235 8 320 32
N62B48B 6 Series Engine 4.8 Petrol E63 261 8 355 32
N63B44A 6 Series Engine 4.4 Petrol F12 298 8 405 32
N63B44B 6 Series Engine 4.4 Petrol F12 298 8 405 32
S63B44B 6 Series Engine 4.4 Petrol F12 412 8 560 32
S85B50A 6 Series Engine 5.0 Petrol E63 373 10 507 40

Cheapest Online Prices for Replacement BMW 6 Series Engines

BM Engine Works stocks quality BMW 6 Series engines for sale in stock now, ready to be dispatched and fitted. Enter your BMW 6 Series details to get the best match available in our inventory now, to view price and check our stock levels. Generally, many engine suppliers claim to have the requisite engine in stock but in reality, as soon as you places the order, they start searching the junkyards and suppliers, whatever the scrap they can find, this results in customers getting an insufficient engine which might work well for one or two months and after that those engines left you in the even worst situation than you were in before. At BM Engine Works customers come first than any other priority and we don't just say, it but we prove it by offering you the top quality engine instantly. You can pick your required your engine personally from our location or ask for a delivery, which one you think is best and cheap for you. The BMW 6 Series engines we supply are covered by our standard warranty for your extra peace of mind, otherwise, every engine has been tested according to the manufacturer standards for its performance and quality.

Reconditioned Engine Explained

Reconditioned engines, also known as remanufactured and rebuilt, are the engines that have been used in any vehicle before but they have been brought back to their original condition by carrying out a lot of remanufacturing and reengineering work. A reconditioned engine have the majority of new parts and it has the ability to perform just like a brand new engine. When replacing a BMW 6 Series engine, a reconditioned unit is no doubt the best replacement option.

Used Engine Explained

A used or a secondhand engine is a unit that has already been used in a vehicle and now has been sourced to be sold as a separate part. Used engines are normally sourced from accidental or insurance abandoned vehicles, where the vehicles have been taken off the road but the engines are still in good condition and able to offer some muscle with lots of mileage

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