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Buy Genuine BMW 640d xDrive Engines at Lowest Online Rates

BMW has been at the forefront of automotive advancements and tops the research and development so they can make their vehicles work more efficiently. Those efforts are evident when it comes to results and BMW is one of the most satisfying machines to operate. However, every machine requires maintenance and sometimes even replacement and BMW 640d xDrive is no exception. If your engine is not performing as it should be and the mechanic has already signaled the need for an engine replacement then you have landed at the right place.
BM Engine Works can provide you with genuine 640d xDrive engines at a fraction of the price that you would otherwise pay at the dealership. We source used BMW 640d xDrive engines from the breaker yards all over the United Kingdom and get them ready to be fitted in the vehicles. Our state-of-the-art workshop and highly trained technicians and mechanics are more than capable to get the engine replaced and send you on your way.

Same Powerful Engine with Extra Grip

BMW 640d xDrive is the car to set your sights on if you are looking for a thoroughbred cruiser that can go from 0-62mph in just 5.2 seconds, look million-dollar, have 4 seats, a front-engine, and has iron claws in traction due to its all-wheel-drive system. This vehicle also dispels the myth that diesels are slow-moving vehicles.

All thanks to the beast of an engine under the hood. This 3 Ltr engine produces 320 hp at 4000rpm and a mammoth 680 Nm of torque between 1750 to 2250 rpm. The engine is super quick as well as it covers 0-62 mph in mere 5 seconds with the help of twin turbos and has a maximum speed of 155 mph.

Affordable Engine Replacement

Engine replacement is a huge undertaking and the struggle starts right from the beginning. You have to find a replacement engine at an affordable price. Your designated local dealership goes out of the window straight away as those are super expensive when selling you the crate or brand-new engine.

BM Engine Works provides an excellent alternative. We source engines with the help of our in-house engine experts to find used 640d xDrive engines in perfect working order. We bring those engines to our workshop and run tests to check their reliability and performance. Once satisfied, those engines are put on sale. Low mileage engines are reconditioned and faulty parts are replaced with brand new genuine parts. Our reconditioned engines are as good as new engines.

Considerable Savings with Warranty

You can save up to 60% when you get an engine replacement from us instead of splashing your cash at the dealership. We offer further discounts at festive and seasonal sales throughout the year. You get a limited warranty with every engine depending on the condition of the engine. book your services online or over the phone any time.

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