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Buy Quality Replacement BMW M3 4.0 Engines at Affordable Prices

Not many engines in the automotive history can attain the same legendary status as M3 engines. It has been revered by true enthusiasts and petrol heads and for good reasons. It turns an ordinary saloon into a spaceship. Its immense power and supreme performance mean these engines perform at their absolute limit for most of their mechanical life. It is common for those engines to show faults after a brief and prolonged stint and it may require engine replacement. If this is the case, BM Engine Works is the help that can make everything a bit easier in terms of searching and buying a replacement engine and getting it fit with a warranty at affordable prices. In other words, if you are looking to replace the engine, BM Engine Works has got you covered with every possible solution.

A BMW Engine with Brute Force

This is the second most powerful engine that is fitted in a BMW M3 and is admired by true enthusiasts for its performance. This 4.0-Liter engine is naturally aspirated and can deliver 420 bhp at 8300 rpm and 400 Nm torque at 3900 rpm. It has astonishing acceleration times as it can accelerate from 0-62 in a mere 4.5 seconds and its top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. it returns combined fuel consumption of 9km/l.

BMW M3 4.0 engines are quite rare to find and finding a perfectly working engine is an uphill task. A good money-saving option is to search for a used or reconditioned engine. as long as you can find a trusted and reliable source who can provide you with an engine with a warranty, you should grab it with both hands.

Perfectly Reconditioned BMW M3 4.0 Engines

We invest our resources to find some of the best performing and low mileage BMW M3 4.0 engines from all over the country. We perform comprehensive testing on the engines and if we decide to recondition them. The engine is taken apart and every part is inspected. Any suspect part is replaced with a genuine OEM part and once the engine is put back together, it is on par with a brand-new engine in terms of performance and reliability.

If we do not have your required engine in our stock then our team of experts can rebuild the existing engine of your vehicle to excellent standards. Our rebuild engines come with an extensive warranty for your peace of mind.

Save on Cash Along with Warranty and Delivery

You can save a significant amount of your hard-earned cash when you decide to buy a used or reconditioned engine instead of a new one from the dealership. There are additional discounts available at our seasonal and festive sales. We provide ultimate satisfaction to our customers by providing them with a warranty on every engine sold by us. We deliver the engine to your doorstep as well. We look forward to your custom.

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