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Buy Second hand and Recon BMW 320i xDrive Engines at Cheapest Rates

Engines produced by BMW are usually the result of years of research and development and with some care and protection, can go on for years. However, every mechanical machine is bound to have issues at some time. If you are facing issues with your BMW 320I XDrive engine and a replacement is necessary, then you are at the right place. BM Engine Works has a team of experts who scour the sturdy and reliable engines from up and down the country and provide authentically and tested used or reconditioned BMW 320I XDrive engines at incredibly low prices.

Petrol Power Unit for BMW 3 Series

BMW 320I XDrive engines are the petrol alternatives for the biggest selling vehicle, the 3 series. Production started in 2014 and it remained in production till late 2020. This 2.0-litre inline 4 petrol engine is capable of producing 184 bhp and 270 Nm of torque. Direct injection of fuel makes it efficient and quick and it can do 0-62 in less than 8 seconds. The top speed that it can reach is beyond 140 mph and it provides a surprisingly good combined fuel economy of 15 km/l.

Replacing an engine requires in-depth knowledge in order to acquire a perfectly working engine unless you are buying a brand-new engine from your local authorized dealership. Buying a used or reconditioned BMW 320I XDrive could save you some of your hard-earned cash.

Allow BM Engine Works to Deliver Best BMW Engines

The most important aspect of finding a satisfactory engine is to find a trusted and reliable source. BM Engine Works has gained the trust of its customers by providing perfectly working and dependable engines at low prices. Our team of experts searches and buy BMW engines that are low on mileage and minimally used. Our engines are put on sale after we perform various tests on them.

If for any given reason we are not able to provide the desired engine then we promise to rebuild your existing engine to the standard of a reconditioned engine.

Doorstep Delivery Along with Warranty

Providing complete customer satisfaction is our main goal. To achieve this feat, we offer a warranty on every engine sold, rebuilt, or fitted by us. The length of the warranty depends on the condition of the engine. Generally, a reconditioned engine carries more length in warranty than the normally used engine.

We can arrange a quick and reliable delivery at your doorstep with minimal charges. Our delivery handlers provide a live track facility so you can check constantly where your shipment is. You can book an appointment online or over the phone. We look forward to your custom.

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