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Buy Replacement BMW 318d xDrive Engines at Cheapest Rates

Engine replacements are complicated and require intricate knowledge and technical know-how to get this procedure right. Every BMW owner that is looking to replace their 318d xDrive engine deserves all the help they can get. BM Engine Works is the one-stop solution to those problems and has a huge stock of reliable and robust BMW engines of all models and variants and offers quick fitting and diagnostic services at incredibly low prices. You can order the engine or send the vehicle to us for engine replacement from the safety of your house.

Powerful BMW 318d xDrive Engine

The trusted BMW 318d xDrive engine has been serving the top seller vehicle of BMW 3 Series for many years. Production of this potent yet efficient engine started in 2015 and it remained in service till 2019. This 2.0 liter inline 4 diesel engine produces 150 bhp and 320 Nm torque with the help of twin power turbos. Acceleration is impressive despite being diesel as it does 0-62 in 9 seconds flat and can achieve a top speed of 128 mph. The economy and efficiency of this engine are the real surprises as it can do 21 km/l despite its size.

Buying a replacement engine at an affordable price is not an easy feat. If you are buying the replacement engine from the local dealership then it may cost you an arm and leg. However, if you can find a reliable workshop that sells warranted used and reconditioned engines. This could save you a significant amount of money.

If for any given reason we are not able to provide you with the engine that is compatible with your vehicle then our team of mechanics takes it on ourselves to rebuild your existing engine to the standard of our reconditioned engine. We guarantee that the rebuilt engine would be as good as the new one as far as reliability and performance are concerned.

Your Source for Robust BMW Engines

Some of the most reliable low mileage BMW engines are kept in stock at BM Engine Works. Our experts purchase the best available engines from all over the United Kingdom and bring them to our facility. To ensure quality, we run various tests on the engines including run tests and compression tests. Once we are sure about the quality of the engines then we put them on sale. Our reconditioned engines are the best of the lot as we take the used engine apart and replace any suspect partly with a genuine OEM part to ensure the engine runs as new.

Warranted Quality with Huge Savings

We are so sure of the quality of the engines sold by us that we offer a warranty with every engine sold by us. The warranty depends on the price and condition of the engine. you can save up to 60% when compared with the price that you pay for a brand-new crate engine. We offer additional discounts in seasonal sales as well.

We recommend that you book an appointment online or over the phone and experience the services to understand the difference.

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