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Jan 10 2020

Entry-level car with thrilling engine power and smooth transmission

BMW 5 Series is a luxury range sedan which is built for businessmen and family use. There is nothing which this car cannot do. You want it to carry your five-member family or the business delegations here is the right choice for you.

The car is environment-friendly and there is a really good fuel economy attached to it. You are going to get a decent exterior with traces of the traditional BMW and there is an excellent road presence.

Whether the drive is in the congested area or you are driving on the highway there will be no difference in its performance. The engine will not show any sign of hesitance driving in slow conditions or the higher end.

When the replacement is in order reconditioned BMW 520i engines are a great help and an affordable affair. The interior space is superb and loaded with technology there is going to be an entertaining ride.

If you are a tall person the legroom is enough to make the journey comfortable for you. Even if the trim level is the beginner there is nothing missing regarding the technology and equipment. There may be power output differences but other aspects are as it should be in a BMW. From any angle, the car is an upmarket product.

Engine performance

The engine which is in this sedan is a 2.0-litre petrol engine which is commonly present in the BMW sedans. The power it produces is 184 bhp with timing of 7.8 seconds for 0-100 km/h. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission attached to the engine which shifts smoothly without any issue.

There are three modes to choose from but the effect is limited to the steering and gear shift. And as the suspension remains the same the difference cannot be felt much. The car drives really well and there is no lack of power at any stage. Starting from zero is very impressive with no issue for the delayed response.

It seems as if the engine was ready to be started and accelerated. The story is different as it is claimed on papers. The car is felt faster and keen to perform than the figures claimed. This is a bonus for the owner and the money paid seems justified. BMW 520i engine for sale is a good pick when engine change is required.

The driving ability is as good as of the more powerful versions. The fuel consumption is also good. It may not match its diesel counterpart but in no way, there is any other deficiency.

Comfort is the main concern

The previous versions were more fun to drive but not this one. A logical explanation is that there is no need of driving fun for such category car. You are going to use it for a company car purpose or for your family then will over speeding help? And many do not also need the factor.

People who buy this car have a settled mind and they want to have a car which is comfortable. The engine works exactly this way. There is nothing that is going to disturb the interior. The cabin is well insulated from the outside noise as well as road and engine noises.

The driver assisting features are not going to disappoint and the driver can drive with less to worry about. The upmarket features are installed even in this starting trim especially the surround-view camera and soft closing doors.

These two are mostly found in the more advanced trims. There are also the BMW engine suppliers that are present to give the replacements at affordable prices.

Interior traits and comfort

The interior of the car is solidly built. There are sophisticated controls but they do not interfere with the practicality. The seats are comfortable and the layout is logical. With lots of space in the interior in front as well as rear the car is fit for any height people.

The floor is lowered which means the driver has to put more effort to press the paddles fully. But if the height is good then the issue is not there. The boot space has also increased as the length of the car has been increased.

This trim is not present in the 2019 line up. A portion of the back seats can be folded forward to get access to the trunk area without opening the gate. The advanced technology installed in the car has good features to make the driving easier as well as give something to enjoy inside.

The car is safer with all the features. There is more to all this. The safety features that are installed make this car safer. A family car is supposed to be safer and the same criterion is for passenger carrying vehicles. The car is a complete package for any purpose to use.

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