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BMW 520i offers a great ride to all

This 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin power turbo motor is quite capable of economy and power

Chrome exterior highlights give new BMW 520i a befitting luxurious appearance. Interior emulate the grandeur and offers Dakota leather upholstery and highly comfortable seats for the occupants.

Electronic adjustment of steering is another great feature that strikes out from the usual excellence of the brand. BMW 520i engines are par excellence and the car maker uses them in most cars of 520i.

BMW 520i engine supply and fitting facility are available to people in different parts of the world because of the performance. This 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin power turbo motor is quite capable of economy and power production.

In fact, it is one of the best selling cars of the brand in many parts of the globe. Reliability grade is high and reputation is well above satisfaction. Over the years it has earned respect among the experts and their views lead the buyers to own units of this series.

The vehicle is an entry level car for 5 series and also the petrol variant. The available trim package is Luxury Line. It is good for the buyers to have a patrol car in the series that is predominantly offering diesel motors.

Price of the car is not much different from 520d the diesel sibling so buyers get a great opportunity to own a car of 5 series with a petrol motor.

On economy front performance is commendable

With the advent of this car in the series, the total number of vehicles is now six and it is good. Rear wheel drive with eight-speed automatic transmissions is very thrilling though it reaches to 62 m/h speed mark from zero in relatively more time it is a great luxurious automobile of the range.

For a combined cycle hundred miles distance it requires little more than six litres of fuel. In this way on economy front performance is commendable. M Sports specifications are alluring as you get M Sports Suspension, sport front seats and leather steering wheel.

The standard kits include impressive features like active cruise control and surround view camera system.

Use of aluminium has made it less weighty

The latest seventh generation cars based on the 7series platform so very much upscale feel from an exterior to interior and driving experience. Dimensions of the car have also increased and you get more space in the cabin to enjoy the ride even more than the outgoing one.

Thus now it matches in terms of space with the rivals. Use of aluminium has made it less weighty so it sheds 100kg in total as compared to the predecessor. While driving you would find it livelier because of weight loss.

Refinement has also enhanced so you would notice there are the least wind and engine noise inside the cabin. On a rough track tire movement makes unreasonable croaky noise but on a smooth road, it is perfectly refined.

The standard suspension is good at absorbing the track imperfections but M Sports suspension is rather stiff particularly at low speed but to have a sports car feel it is a must feature.

Gear shifting is seamless

Safety and luxury specifications of the car are very much of modern-day standards. In the United Kingdom, none of 5 series cars are available with the manual gearbox. With reasonable torque, you do not need to push speed pedal harder for acceleration.

Smooth gear shifting with automatic gearbox is another reason behind fine driving experience when you are behind the steering wheel. The optional features like wireless charging can be added after paying an extra cost.

Boot space has enhanced previously it was 530 litres and now it is 540 litres. The increase is nominal but still very much appreciated by the buyers.

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