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Dec 3 2019

The lighter car with a refined manner is the highlights of this fresh update

BMW is not new to the concept of front-wheel drives and every effort is made to make the transition feel smooth. Many do not like the change but it is the ascent to life. If things do not change according to the latest advancements then they cannot survive.

Rear-wheel drive was the speciality of this series but what matters to the majority is also important. What many people want to form a car is its style and then how much accommodation is inside. The previous problem with rear seat space has been solved with the front-wheel-drive format.

The company says that BMW 118d along with other 1 series cars will drive with more fun and refinement. Another good thing is that the middle passenger at the back will be able to sit more comfortably due to the absence of the tunnel. The styling has changed a little moulding the front a little.

But when you see it from the back the speciality has not disappeared which is good. The interior has got more space now but this has not increased the overall size of the vehicle. Engine still is as good a performance as it was before. BMW 118d engine for sale in the market makes the replacement of troubling one easier.

Engine refined than before

The 150 hp 2.0-litre diesel engine turbo four has become even more refined than before. One thing took needs other goodies to step into sooth the loss. And BMW has put the effort into providing the customers new traits to enjoy. The time this engine gives is 8.4 seconds for 0-100 km/h run.

When the driver pushes the paddle there is going to be that familiar feel which the 1 series previously had. The driving manner has changed with the new set up and it had to be like this due to popular demand.

It is right to criticize a car and explore its hidden pros and cons but when speaking generally people do not care much about which wheels are doing the job, there are other things on their mind. So what matters is how well the driving side is.

And for the 1 series, it is claimed that it is livelier now than before. You can now get more from this diesel. Reconditioned BMW 118d engines are available in the market for the new models or the older ones. These are cheaper with good powering ability.

The driver will love the handling side

It is true that this vehicle no longer moves with traditional style. But the positive thing is that the car is now quicker and smoother than before. You are going to get a more responsive and accurate steering wheel sharing the accuracy with suspension. The curved road ahead was and still is not a problem.

It is even more exciting to drive on a road with sharp turns as the front of the car responds instantly on the steering command. And if you want to push the car hard beyond the limit then the engine will be eager to do so. At least if it cannot do it, in reality, there will be no negative response from it.

This is a diesel engine but the one that has been formulated to give even better performance than petrol. The fuel efficiency factor attached to the diesel engines gives it an edge. BMW engine suppliers keep every standard high for the second-hand engines to provide the very best.

Inside improvements

So the major changes are made for the cabin. The space at the rear has been increased and it is due to tire power shift. BMW is fully capable of giving more space even in the rear-wheel-drive cars but if that was done the size would increase which will make the 1 series lose its sole purpose.

The boot space has also increased as the engine now has to do its part with front wheels so space has become available for other functions. So now this compact BMW has more space to fit tall people in the family or friends.

There is more high tech inside which is operated through the touch screen. As it is still a driver’s car so most of the tech is to aid him.

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