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Jul 8 2019

In this small package the BMW 118d provides an array of useful features

To get the exact taste of what this starter is all about you have to have a real-time drive but to give a basic idea here is what we can say. There is a good deal of traits present to call it a BMW. So it can be rightly said that even at its base level BMW 118d proves itself to be among the best. Exterior looks like the old one having some changes in the year 2016 upgrade.

Some take it to be a rebel to the decency of this brand but to some this presents a change which people like to see in BMW body makeup. The interior shows luxury even in this basic form and there are options to improve it further. The area where this model gets most of the likes is its performance and favouring the driver in every aspect.

There is a nice outward vision and in reach, controls to give a smooth drive throughout. Engine response to throttle is great with good body control giving a comfortable ride but with driving fun present. With manual and automatic transmission choice, there is a convenience for the owner to get any of these without paying extra.

You can have reconditioned BMW 118d engines from the market and have them fitted from the same place. BMW engine suppliers know the importance of this part and may provide only the best.

Let’s talk engine

This one is a diesel engine but you are not going to get entertaining noises as a top up. The 2.0-litre diesel engine which is there to get this one going has a power generation of 110 kW with a torque of 320 Nm. The engine ignites and progresses with a swift reaction.

For 0-100 km/h there is a timing of 8.1 seconds associated with it while the engine does not mind when revving beyond its limit. Its counterpart 118i may provide more power to the machine but there is more with this one. You get to have fuel economy combined with ample performance so how about that.

When in town it feels exactly as a stable car should be with good low torque limit. There is an eight-speed automatic gearbox paired with the engine which is smooth and gives seamless changes in low and high-end accelerations. The engine is hushed at the top of everything else and gives the cabin a pleasant quiet atmosphere.

There is the rear-wheel drive format present in this 1 series which is no longer available for the year 2019 till now. BMW 118d engine for sale in the market still facilitates the one who owns it so no need to worry about engine failure and replacement.

How it feels to drive

It is a driver’s car as other 1 series occupiers so it certainly entertains the driver the most. The driving dynamics are irresistible with all its refinement and on-road fun. As being a starter there are limitations but the thing is that still, you are getting a lot of things to enjoy and the brand logo.

Another speciality is the way it handles corners. There is agility in the action and well-balanced moves. Steering is properly weighed and there is accurate placing from it. This is the reason why it becomes amazing while taking it to the turns and twists. You can switch between the Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport mode according to your mood.

However, on any mode, the car never feels uncomfortable, though if you want to have most from the performance side the Sport mode is what you need.

The inside cabin

To start with your cabin properties depend largely on the options you are choosing and the trim level. So in the BMW 118d, there is a simple yet traditional layout. Black colour dominates for the materials while some metallic touches give a sense of style to it.

Driver’s seat is firm and supportive to give the right essence for the car. This is a small size car category and for that, the space inside is good enough. There is technology present to assist the driver as well as aid the safety side. To customize there are also options present for both the sides.

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