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Mini Cooper a car not for everyone

You want to drive in the thrill, looking for stylish exterior and comfortable front seats then it is your car

The title says it all and what you cannot do is convince a person not interested in this type to own it. It is not for a regular person, it is for the one passionate about driving a different looking car that has lightweight and can make you travel with an enjoyable time.

It is there in 2-door, 5-door and Convertible styles giving a lot of choice to the buyer for their specific need. For 2018 there have not been many changes, the exterior has some tweaks and added gadgets with new colours.

These are enough to make the car feel modern but does it make a vehicle fit to compete in the present market? The fast pace with which things change in the automobile industry beats even a retro-like Mini Cooper.

But as long as there are BMW devotees and they are loyal, this one is not going anywhere from the line-up of capable driving machines. The latest updates are for the hatchback and the Convertible.

Engines make you love your choice

BMW Mini Cooper is always on the look of adventure and the engines are always there to react when you press the paddle. The base engine is a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine which creates a good enough 124 hp.

The S-cars have more power under the bonnet with a turbo-4 engine which is good for 189 hp. Then there is a John Cooper Works edition which is a hardtop two-door convertible and it gets a turbo-4 giving off 228 hp.

You may think that these are not enough but believe us with a small body and lesser weight you will zoom around effortlessly in a straight or curved road.

Handling is firm but not rough

As this car is designed the ride is compact but this does not mean that it becomes uneasy on the course or journey. The customizable drive modes give you the choice of selecting what way you want your ride to behave.

Sports mode gives you a firm speed while the Green slows things down. Mini Cooper loves to cover turns and curves and performs the task with ease. There is accuracy in the steering and a fine suspension which allows such functions to be performed with flawless actions.

And its charm is in turns, the more you adopt such a route the more you adore how capable it is on curves.

Fuel economy is decent

You might expect that the fuel consumption is as good as its small size but this is not the case. It does offer good fuel economy but not as much as it should do according to the area it covers.

Its 3-cylinder engine offers 28 mpg in city and 38 mpg on the highway. This is a good figure but when you go up the fuel economy goes down. 23 in city and 32 on the highway is what you get out of a Cooper S model and the convertible automatic gives a 24 in city and 34 on the highway.

But this is still a very attractive scenario as if you are getting such figures from a BMW to make then this is really good weather your car is small or big.

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