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Jun 13 2019

Technology, space and engine performance all covered successfully in this BMW X5 SUV

Who does not love the SUVs these days? Well, the majority do if not all. SUV is the present trend spreading at a fast pace and having one in the brand has become inevitable. BMW X5 is the first ever SUV which BMW has introduced for the market of 2019.

The wait of many who were curious about how this BMW be like is over. The point of having an SUV today is not just to take people or family from one A-B it is also expected to give more than this. There is a 4 wheel drive also installed in the present SUVs and it makes them fit for adventure purposes also.

But to what extent this function is there for this purpose varies from product to product. BMW has done a really good job in making this kind of vehicle keeping it as comfortable and light as it could be. The most attractive thing is the styling which is eye-catching as well as inviting to own it.

If you are able enough to afford this SUV then grab one and feel why it was so eagerly waited for. It can be mistaken for others from BMW X series but the size is bigger and other factors are also adjusted according to the size and weight. Another main difference is the inner cabin where seven can easily fit while this is not what X5 has.

Are the engines capable of powering up such a big vehicle?

Oh yes for sure you are going to love the way the engines offered to keep this one on road and performing all the time. There are the inline-six and V-8 engine available for the buyers. The 2.0-litre diesel engine makes 218hp and 116 lb-ft of torque. The time to cover the distance of 0-60 is 5.8 for this engine.

The other one is of 3.0-litre diesel engine making 381 hp and a 280 lb-ft of torque/ being more powerful this one takes 5.2 seconds to cover the same distance. Both these engines are powerful and totally able to carry such a heavyweight. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission associated with both these engines and has all-wheel drive as standard.

The bold and beautiful styling

It is far different from the conventional styling BMW makers are known for. You look at it and an unusual sense of confidence runs through your mind. BMW X5 has a bold and yet a beautiful exterior. It tempts to be owned and be in it even if it is just for the turning heads on road.

The front has a chrome grille and at its sides, there are the adaptive LED headlights. These can be replaced with the ‘Laser Light’ which ensures greater distance visibility. The back side does not make things boring either and it supports the front in the same bold manner. With double exhausts and boldly shaped backlights, it complements the overall styling.

The luxurious spacious interior

You may find many SUVs for which their companies claim to fit in seven people. But here the claim is not about words. The inner cabin is genuinely spacious enough to fit in all adults in every row.

Still, the boot space remains although a little less but if all the three rows are not to be filled this problem can be solved by folding the last row. But with a full cabin, the roof can be used for carrying the luggage. This makes the vehicle fit for families who have more members and love to travel for adventures.

The second row has three standard seats for the passengers but if a sense of roomier cabin and making the second-row passengers more independent is needed then separate captain chairs can also be fitted.

What to expect of the technology side

You are in a BMW and this brand has all the advanced technology it can equip its cars with. There are a great number of kits in it even from the base level trim. The technology is taken from the latest BMW infotainment and safety features.

To make things, even more, loved there is a Live Cockpit Professional which is a customizable instrument display is there. This one has replaced the usual dial control found in BMW cars. The central 12.3-inch display is used for infotainment and sat-navigation purposes.

There is also the Hey, BMW voice assistant and gesture control. There is a parking assistant plus package with a rear-view camera, a top view, panorama and 3D view of the car to make placing it on the right position easy.

This is a huge car and such features are really helpful. There is also a reversing assistant which can reverse the vehicle on its own for 50 meters which is a real helping hand in cramped spaces.

Ride quality and handling nature

Over here the scores are really good also. The ride is comfortable to the highest extent it could go. For this, the credit goes to the standard two-axle air suspension and adaptive dampers. The modes present in the cross-over really change the behaviour on the road.

You are switching from Comfort mode to Sport, Adaptive or Eco Pro, everyone will show you a new way this vehicle can make your ride feel. Body roll is in control to a large extent. But as it is a large mass so this factor cannot be excluded all in all.

But the X5 can be taken as being better in this factor from its competitors. The steering assist which is present in the car handles the sharp turns exceptionally well. With this body, it is near to impossible to have a quick response of the steering for this action. This factor is present in this latest BMW as a really improved one and it was necessary also. The drive-monitoring camera and steering sensitivity force the driver to pay attention to the road. On long trips, this feature really helps to keep the attention on alert and know the surrounding well.

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