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BMW xDrive 50i, a Valuable addition to Luxury and Power

BMW, a name of quality and standard

BMW is a Germany based multi-national company that manufactures luxury BMW vehicles and motorbikes for more than a 100 years. BMW is early period had been working on aircraft engines but later focussed all of its efforts on automobiles.

Today, the range of luxurious automobile is considered to be incomplete with the big name, BMW. It has been one of the biggest production house for producing 2692423 automobiles for the year 2017.

BMW X Series Has an All-Wheel-Drive System

BMW with X series introduced a new set of luxurious and comfortable but powerful cars under the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) label. BMW xDrive is basically the marketing name for the entire BMW X series that ranges from X1, X2, to X7. The X series has given xDrive marketing name for its all-wheel-drive system.

Unlike other cars with permanent torque split, xDrive gives variable torque split to front and rear axis. This variable torque split is generated by the multi-plate wet clutch system within the gearbox.

An Efficient Powerful Engine

A luxury car must have a powerful engine to beat rivals and keep its worth among riders and in the market. BMW xDrive 50i is equipped with 4.4-liter BMW Twin Turbo cylinder having 567 horsepower. This much power contributes to generating 552 lb-ft of torque enabling this car to gain 0-100mph speed in just 4.2 seconds.

BMW xDrive 50i all-wheel drive engine and gearbox contribute to the compression ratio of 10.0 making it fuel efficient. All of the 20-inches wheel drives keep the ride smooth and stick to the road. Heavy duty engine with great compression ratio and gearbox, make BMW ccc An Efficient Powerful Beast.

All of its engine and gearbox features contribute to making it comfortable and unmatchable for long distances, even.

BMW xDrive 50i comes in Sporty Look

Unmatchable dimensions of 192.4 inches length and 69.4 inches of height, adds to the fine look.  Rear defrost doors and power windows with privacy glasses and dual moonroof aluminium roof rails add to its beauty.

Aerodynamics and automotive are so perfectly designed that it catches eyes at the very first glimpse. Automatic High Beam LED lights give freedom to drive in dark.

LED fog lights with power-folding heating side mirrors add to the mighty exterior of the car. From every angle the car is unmatchable and the design gives BMW xDrive 50i a sporty look.

A Car’s interior or a Plane’s Cockpit?



Sitting inside BMW xDrive 50i expedites feelings like you are sitting in a plane’s cockpit. Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information makes drive convenient. Voice control system gives independence to the driver to control the navigation and other technical features of the car. BMW xDrive 50i has an electric powered steering for easy control.

Seats are designed and controllable to fit our body in twenty-ways with additional powered shoulders support.  Air curtains and Air Breather System assist to inhale fresh oxygen in lungs.  Automatic 4-zone Climate Control Temperature and Air Distribution systems add to comfort and convenience.

Rear View Camera adds to the navigation system with 10.4’’ high-resolution touchscreen. Rain sensing automatic wipers with controllable wiping speeds wipe off water from the screen. Automatic tilt-down, up and right, left with respect to inclination gives a sense of ease and trust.

Uncompromised Security and Safety

BMW xDrive 50i has uncompromised security and safety system. Anti-Lock Braking System prevents wheel to locking-up during braking. Airbags that blow with the fastened seat belts are available for the front passengers as well as for the rear passengers’ safety. Acoustic Seat Belt warning generates signals to fast seat belts so that riders may withstand any injury during accidents.

BMW Assist eCall generates emergency requests with the help of the anti-theft alarm system. A very good handling and road grip are exemplary in ensuring BMW xDrive 50i on-road-safety.

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