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BMW 316i a Starter but a BMW after all

Shows decent driving manners with a well-balanced ride

There can be many in the market for this category but 3 series remains a standard to buy such cars. 316i is one of those cars that can make you feel like a road prince as you are in a BMW after all.

So underestimating it is wrong as being at the base level. There may not be all those things which are present in a high trim level car but you will not be disappointed either due to the absence of all that.

The looks are a little different having the front thinner and inclined to offer a little different feel from outside. On the inside, however, there is that usual BMW classic layout.

3 series is in the market for a very long time now and still, it is considered a very liable car to use for business or even for a private purpose. Although the equipment is very basic it is good enough for a base trim level.

With the new engine that was introduced with BMW 316i, the brand kicked out any problems which were causing the driving side to suffer. There are reconditioned BMW 316i engines for sale if changing the previous one becomes inevitable.

Engine Specification

The engine which is fitted in this BMW is a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 220 Nm of torque. Not bad though, there are some slow moments in this engine and to get to the right power there has to be lowering down of gears.

But when it enters its turbo rev zone you don’t have to worry about the throttle. Also, the car does a great job in coming to the right gear and time is not wasted to get one. It is actually a good one whether you are in a town or on the highway.

The automatic eight-speed gearbox is perfect for the job with BMW mechanical excellence. In some cases, there has to be a decrease in speed needed to get to the right level but in 316i case, this is not your headache, the car adapts itself according to the current speed.

The economic side of this engine is also good as it is said by the car maker. BMW 316i engines no doubt reflect the name by which they are made.

Road Manners

It is a perfect road machine that shows a proper way of how gear shifting aids the driving mechanism. Even when working hard this machine remains on the exact gear and there is no confusion over here by the vehicle.

Even when you start this one it clearly gives the sound which a BMW engine should produce or not produce actually. It comes equipped with BMW’s Efficient Dynamics which includes the smoothest start/stop function one can get, brake energy regeneration and in the driving mode area.

All this is indicating towards the economic side of this locomotive that attracts the buyer the most especially when you want it for business purposes. Also, the ride and road holding is excellent with that right shape to cut the wind for better performance.

Cabin quality

This does not matter to the company that their product is at the lowest end or the highest trim, the interior remains attractive as well as of high quality. There is a nice sporty dashboard with properly placed controls and touchscreen.

There is no clustering as seen in many others which become confusing for the driver especially while driving. There is an iDrive controller for the 6.5-inch screen. The space at the rear is also good and although there is not enough to move around still you will not be disappointed.

The boot capacity is 480-litres making it fit for a family run car also.

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