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Oct 19 2018

BMW 125d is known as an overpriced beauty in the UK market but the reality is totally different

The 125d is one of the most excellent models in the BMW small car line up and this particular model is lifting up sales graph since its launch and never get faded on the popularity in the UK market.

It uses 2.0-litre diesel engine and cranks out a hefty performance. On the petrol variants, only M140i can beat the performance of the 125d.

The 125d success story – BMW 125d turbo engines

BMW 125d tries to follow the vehicles which are larger than its size, it delivers the same level of comfort and driving excellence as they do, safety and handling has no match at all, even rest of the details e.g. interior build quality and exterior designing or the technological gadgets do not fall too far behind those bigger models.

BMW 125d is the one which has a smaller body with bigger ambitions.  So, saying it a overprices vehicle is not a great idea anyway, because with the 125d, you will not be left behind at all and of course it doesn’t mean that the vehicle is running on any larger V6 engines, not at all.

It has ordinary BMW 2.0 litre diesel engines and these engines belong to BMW’s most recent engine family. As stated, BMW 125d diesel engines are among the most contemporary BMW products.

For better efficiency, turbochargers have been installed on the engines with variable geometry to help to suck in a large amount of air, further come with aluminium block and cylinder head. The engine has a power band of 224 ‘horses’ that can push the BMW 125d from standstill to 62 miles per hour in only 6.3 seconds.

When it comes to the torque, a stunning 450 Nm of torque starts flowing at only 1,500 rpm. Sure, it gets even better with BMW gearboxes, specialized power handling mechanism designed for BMW 125d only. The package deal can be supplemented with an excellent 8-speed automatic transmission.

Simply adequate components within the inside

Let’s get into the interior of this so-called pricey vehicle, in the inside of the BMW 125d you’re going to enjoy sitting in the sports seats that superbly hug the body and impeccably thick steering wheel with leather stitching gives an impression of being luxurious and updated.

Both driver and passenger sit well, but if each of them adjusts the seat the entire means again, it is pretty much inconceivable for the adult passengers to effectively sit down on the rear seats, thus the only drawback is space.

The story doesn’t end here, fortunately, there are some chrome and shiny black additions, which reasonably elevate the cabin beauty graph. The multitasking iDrive system is now more desirable, with a touchpad that senses the actions of the fingers, for that reason makes it possible for simpler data entry.

This is an upmarket feature which has been given in the 125d, even a number of vehicles are still using it as an option. BMW 125d became much more delightful and stylish after having a facelift. At the same time, every person will have its own view of magnificence, we believe essentially the most of us step by step prayed for the early facelift.

Additionally to the department where some technical improvements have been made, BMW 125d and received some beauty tweaks and styling updates. Bumpers are quite modified for example, where the front one has several extra air slots for supplying the engine with contemporary air, the rear one is customized to double exhaust pipe. BMW 125d is actually a car that values its price.

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