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Dec 5 2018

It’s a speedy coupe but with a better practicality

It is a diesel of course and it sounds good as well. There has been that diesel phobia around for some time and still some do not like to be in a car with this engine. The only one point people forget easily is that when there is so much advancement going around then why not it has happened in this area. BMW 123d engines have proven the older notion successfully wrong. This one is little as it belong the 1 series family and not made for those bigger purposes. It is in the market and on the road to serve the driver but there is a touch of practicality in the interior. As Audi TT does not have any space at the back for the adult passengers, BMW 123d cleverly fulfils this purpose by extending the wheel base a bit. You may not find anything distinguishing from the outside, but it really does give you the extra space. Regarding the cruising and driving dynamics, you get one of the best and there is nothing wrong in this area. You can easily access reconditioned BMW 123d engines for sale to make trouble-free and affordable replacements.

The powerful engine

There is a 2.0-liter engine behind the great performance of this vehicle. There are twin turbo attached to it. The smaller one works on lower revs and the bigger one handles the higher ones. This prevents the problem of lag between changing speeds and what you get is a smooth ride. The power this engine produces is a 150 kW and the maximum torque it produces is of 400 Nm. This torque is available from 2000 rpm which is amazing. You do not have to make the engine work hard to get the pleasure of this high speed. The fuel consumption is amazing and it keeps as low as 7.0 liter/100 km which is an amazing figure around town. As being a rear-wheel drive the economy remains intact and there is a proper weight distribution to add to the stability point of view which lacks in many of the rear-wheel drive cars. The engine also has a quick response to the gear change. As being fit for accelerating the swiftness this one shows clear signs of being in the 1 series.

Handling is crisp

There is a quick steering and it combines with a good engine and this combination make things perfect. The engine noise is well in control apart from those unnoticeable clatters there is nothing to complain about. The crisp turnings are not a problem and you do not have to push the vehicle unduly for overtaking fellow cars. The active steering and Dynamic Stability Control to further improve the drive and ride quality. The weight of the car is kept low by using lightweight materials in the building procedure. The body remains in a balanced position and there is a good tire grip to maintain that factor.

Reliability and safety

This BMW is built with a strong exterior and a solid interior so there will be no problem regarding its make. For the safety side also there are good supporters to keep the insiders safe and make the journey safe. You get standard equipment as well many options to customize your choice as you want. The crash sensors are there to assist the driver in case there is a deviation of concentration or there is a sudden action from a car which can cause a crash. The belt force tensioners and that wall of airbags really make it fit for going on an exciting yet careful ride. Always remember your life is precious no matter in which vehicle type of transport you are in.

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