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Feb 10 2020

It is the same one you find in most cars of the series but tuned for better fuel average

Making a beginning trim so well is the work BMW is expert in. The trim has a petrol engine and there is a lot of decent acceleration in it. Although being basic in most of its aspects, the car is still a hit. Reconditioned BMW 116i engines UK is going to give the best time and a fresh start to the vehicle.

The power generation is less from the engine but there is plenty of torque to compensate. This is a rear-wheel drive and you are not going to get disappointed while driving instead it is going to be a rare experience.

The interior does have lack of space at the rear but it is not going to disturb the ones who buy it for their use and not to carry the family. Some modes change the steering response and tune according to the occupiers choice.

No matter the car is on its limit still it will welcome more push and not growl loudly at pressing it beyond its capability. Yes, it does not go any further as the engineering limits it but there are no restrictions also.

1 series is not taken as positive due to its looks but I think when people can accept other brands with such different shapes as compared to them this one is quite decent.

A small engine with powerful responses

As its diesel sibling, this engine is also going to deliver more than its size. This one is a 1.6-litre engine with 100 kW of output and 220 Nm torque. As you can see the output is not that much great but the torque is double the good speed.

It covers the difference very well giving way to an amazing performance. Aiding the engine is a direct and accurate steering wheel which does make the driving pleasure excel. The six-speed manual gear change works pretty well for the engine and without delays, your car cuts the air ahead.

There is also an automatic option present but it is expensive to be installed. What is not expensive are the second hand BMW 1 series engines for sale. These are easily available and the reliable dealers also have them at very reasonable prices. The engine may not be a fast one but it does place a lot of importance to the flexibility and a gentleman behaviour when on road.

The handling makes you smile

Handling is another area where this brand has its expertise in. And in this 1 series product also the handling side is good. Whether on a straight road or curved the car never minds the extra pull needed. Around town or on the highway the car will run as if it knew before your action what you need.

There is a very little body lean but it is not to the extent that you get annoyed. The weight of the vehicle is properly distributed which makes the handling a lot easier than the rivals. Many try to reach the level but in vain they try. BMW supply and fitting service pay its special role when engine replacement comes.

You just have to bring your car and the rest of the work is going to be done without fault. Also, the charges are very reasonable and there is no burden on the pocket. Like any other of the trims, the ride is firm but not much sharp.

Due to this, the irregularities on the road were felt more but the ride remains comfortable. In the modes given the keen drivers may prefer the Sport mode as it makes the steering more accurate and quick while the feel becomes firm to make this compact car give everything it has.

The interior setting gives even more confidence to the driver

When on road there is great visibility attached to the car. The driver’s position is good and with adjustments for the seat getting used to the car is even better. Everything is placed so that the facility is given to the driver and nothing hinders during the drive.

If you want to have luxury inside then it is also present and it becomes a plus point. Luxury in a small car is joyous. The functions are easy to operate whether they are for the infotainment screen or other basic functions.

Is it a good value for money?

Yes, it is to a large extent. As being a BMW this car cannot be much cheap but there is everything in it for which you pay for. You can fit in people of mid-size at the back and there is also a good boot space. Then there are reasonable assisting and safety features on board to keep things enjoyable and proper.

If you are a person that likes to have a car differently shaped and especially something different from the usual BMW look then this is certainly your answer. Also, you get to have a good quality interior with neatly placements and there is also a boot that can carry your moderate luggage also.

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