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Oct 23 2019

Sitting inside will reveal more about the car than reading the specifications

This one is at the very base of 1 series but has all which can prove it to be fit for the brand. 116i comes with refinement and performance more than this stage cars have. But this does not mean that others are not trying to get in the race.

There is some very tough competition the car has. This trim is no longer available in the present 1 series but still not forgotten by people. The exterior got some new things added for the second generation but still, it did not change much but made the car look modern.

The engine side is as good as it can get for a starter and there is a nice amount of performance you can get from it. Even the Used BMW 116i engines show refinement particular to this range. For further convenience the BMW 116i supply and fitting service is present.

It is not that everyone loves the styling of 1 series cars as they are unusual. But those who like dissimilarity welcome it as something new for the brand. The interior is made from good quality materials. Like any other BMW, this one is also focused on keeping the comfort as well as the proper reach of control for the driver.

Engine refinement at its best

When you are going to talk about this engine it is nothing special about the power it generates. This is a twin-scroll turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine having 100 kW output and a torque of 220 Nm. What makes it a good choice is its refinement plus the torque.

So when you are going to talk about this engine it is not its speed trait, it is the engineering which is commendable. The engine responds very well from the start till end. The quick responses make the driver relax whether in town or on the highway. The reason is that he does not have to press the pedals that much or change gears that often to get the desired momentum.

This car is especially useful for day to day drive in town and has a good low rev response. But when on the highway the drive remains relaxed and it gives a fair amount of pull to take over also. This is because the torque rate is good which makes the car to do more than its engine capability.

How the car does feel like while driving

Well, 1 series is all targeted towards making the driver happier and give him a pleasing machine to drive. The gear shift is flawless for the manuals side also. As there may be lag experienced or trouble in changing gears but in this small size sedan, this will not happen.

There are proper weighing and good pedal positions which are helpful for the action. Then there are modes to change the behaviour of steering. The Eco mode makes the steering lighter so that moving in the urban area and parking in tight spaces become easier.

For those who love a little firmness and quicker responses, there is the Sport mode. This gives the car a heavier and more direct response which makes it fit for the purpose. While this cannot be a complete sports car but still it will successfully give you a flare of what it feels like to be in one.

There is a six-speed manual transmission system change ready to entertain you. But you can also go for an optional eight-speed automatic transmission system. BMW 116i reconditioned engines gives you a chance to be with your 116i for a long time and in an affordable way.

How much safe is the vehicle?

Safety is where you get all the necessary things in place. The very basic ones may be missing for other infotainment functions but still, this aspect is not ignored. There are airbags for the driver and front passenger, head airbags in front and back seats, side airbags for driver and front passenger and electronic stability control. There may be still some missing but the thing is that you are getting all this at a lower price and still owning a BMW. These will keep you safe from the basic threats and this is what is mostly needed. If you are looking for advanced technology then looking somewhere else will be a good idea. But for those who are happy with less this one is perfect.

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