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Apr 8 2019

New 7 series appears in the style

The new2019 BMW 7 series appears in the new style. It is possible to talk about the latest model of the BMW 7 series, and we talk about the face.

The super-sized grille is the point of the 2019 facelift, I drive 7.0, the latest infotainment system, the cleaner power trains and other tech fisted upon Munich‘s limousine. The designer says BMW car design for decade twin-kidney grille has grown by a massive 40%. The new 7 series is eaten by its own face.

BMW 7-series information:

Everything needs to know about the buying and find about the details of 7 series, all would come very soon. Meanwhile, let’s do some in-depth analysis of the new 7 series.


The only big limo of the German automaker which is in access of almost everyone in the UK market, the only limo which can actually fit your driveway and it is one of the best rivals to Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class and even Jaguar XJ.

Depending on the depth of your wallet, you can actually buy anything from diesel to petrol, and from standard styling to luxury.

60 sec road test

BMW is one of the most favourite brand of cars, but that‘s not the end of the story. The competitors against the all-conquering s class, newcomers such as Tesla‘s extraordinary Model’ S, life is most complicated in the limousine market. The 7 series is about to replace, which some of its tricks we‘ve never really warmed to its looks, which lack the grace and flow of the 3and 5 series, but easy to slightly busy ride quality.

This sector is all about refinement, the drive train though, its ZF auto Box slurring gear, away from the six and eight-cylinder engine drones away in the background. Munich says superior active hybrid option, which has some compelling emissions figure to appear the taxman.

The BMW explain itself. The extensive design refresh at the front end which rises 50 mm taller at its point giving the new BMW 7 series is more powerful visual appearance. The Bonnet has more sharply cut contour lines and a larger BMW roundel. The dominant force of the front end is the BMW kidney grille, with its single piece surround the surface area has grown by some 40%. The grill joined with headlights to create stylistically appealing contrast and add a new strand to the character of BMW’ luxury-class models.

What else new 2019 BMW 7-series offers, a facelift, modified design, a family of engines, what else?

The 7 series design is little changed. There are slimmer headlamps, rear lights and some of the bumpers and details are scrubbed up a little.  Inside the 7 series cabin has been updated too, with new types of leather wrap every surface. It is equipped with an ultra-quilted finish, as below, it makes the cabin luxurious cockpit indeed. Extra sound system.

Is to make this particularly quiet interior and double glazed comfort glass is available as an option for bank vault refinement. The latest BMW I drive 7.0 which bring the latest infotainment system and more digital dials in the 12.3-inch display. Rear seat passenger can spec 10 inches, HD touch screen on the front seatbacks, which can be synced with built in blue ray player.

Engines, specs and emissions

Engine choices on the new 2019 7-series include a V12 with exhaust emissions filter, a plug-in hybrid with CO2 emissions of just 48g/km and a range of 3.0-litre engine. The line-up looks like this:

  1. BMW M760Li xDrive with 6.6-litre V12 petrol engine, 585 hp @ 5250rpm, and 627lb ft @ 1600rpm takes 3.8sec to make 0-62mph, having the top speed of 155mph, however, fuel economy is 22.6mpg, with carbon emissions of 285g/km CO2
  2. BMW 750i xDrive with the 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine cranks 530hp @ 5500rpm, and 553lb ft of torque @ 1800rpm, takes only 4.0sec to make 0-62mph, having a top speed of 155mph, fuel economy is 29.7mpg, and carbon emissions are 217g/km CO2
  3. BMW 745e comes with 3.0-litre 6cyl petrol hybrid powertrain, producing 286hp @ 5000rpm, and 332lb ft of torque @ 1500rpm, electric motor rated at 83kW (113hp), combined output of 394hp/442lb ft, takes 5.2sec to reach 0-62mph, and a top speed of 155mph, with fuel economy of 123mpg, and carbon emissions of 48g/km CO2
  4. BMW 745Le xDrive comes with 3.0-litre 6cyl petrol hybrid powertrain, 286hp @ 5000rpm, 332lb ft of torque @ 1500rpm, electric motor rated at 83kW (113hp), having a combined output of 394hp and 442lb ft of torque, it takes 5.1sec to make 0-62mph,  and have a top speed of 155mph, and fuel economy of 105mpg, with a carbon emissions of 52g/km CO2
  5. BMW 750d xDrive comes with a 3.0-litre 6cyl diesel engine, makes 400hp @ 4400 rpm, and a 560lb ft of torque @ 2000rpm, takes 4.6sec to reach 0-62mph, having a top speed of 155mph, however, the fuel economy is rated at 48.7mpg, with a carbon emission of 155g/km CO2
  6. BMW 740d xDrive is coupled with a 3.0-litre 6cyl diesel engine, capable of making 320hp @ 4400 rpm, and a 501lb ft of torque @ 1750rpm, it only takes 5.3sec, to reach 62 miles per hour with a top speed of 155mph, the fuel economy of 48.7mpg and a 148g/km of CO2 emissions.
  7. BMW 730d is also coupled with a 3.0-litre 6cyl diesel engine, capable of making 265hp @ 4000rpm, and 457lb ft of torque @ 2000rpm, it takes 6.1sec to reach 0-62mph, having a top speed of 155mph, and a fuel economy of 53.3mpg, it emits 138g/km CO2 particles to air. 

The other details on the face lifted 7 series include the BMW intelligent personal assistant, which owners talk about the BMW and controlling many setting, including heating lighting and seat massages. Voice control is the next frontier for development and vocal recognition improve significantly in the coming years.

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